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Watch! LeBron James’ 10-Year-Old Son Has Mad Basketball Skills!



LeBron James’ 10-year-old son is niiiicceeee on the basketball court … just like his dad.

On Monday, LeBron posted a video of his son, LeBron Jr. leading the Houston Gulf Coast Blue Chips to victory during the 2014 Ronald Searles Holiday Classic. The 10-year-old shows off his incredible passing skills as well as his stellar shot and follow through. The good news is, the fourth grader appears to know how to be a team player … remember folks, “there is no I in team.”

“Proud of you son! Great job in Houston and congrats on bringing home 1st place.”

It’s safe to say, LeBron is one happy father. “He’s got a chance,” the Cavaliers player said on Tuesday before his game against Minnesota. “If he loves the game, and he works at it, he has a chance to be good. But he’s still young, just play for the love of the game, don’t worry about nothing else.”

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