Rick Ross Shuts Down Engagement Rumors

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Miami rapper Rick Ross is NOT engaged, contrary to a rumor being reported online. On Wednesday, a gossip website claimed the rapper proposed to his longtime “girlfriend”, Shateria. According to the website:

“Rick got himself a REAL TREASURE in Shateria – and he KNOWS IT. We hear that he dropped a $500K diamond ring on her – to SEAL THE DEAL. Congrats to the HAPPY COUPLE!!!” the website reported.

We’re not sure where this outlet is hearing this information from, but it’s wrong. Ross and Shateria took to Twitter minutes after each other to slam the nonsense.

“I’m flattered by the rumors but … the Boss is still single ladies!” Ross tweeted.

“Don’t believe everything you read. Have a great day!” Shateria added.

We guess that settles that.

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