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Kobe Bryant Feuding With Mom Over Money



Well it looks Kobe Bryant has a lot to keep him busy during his time off from playing the remainder of the season.

According to reports Bryant and his mother Pamela Bryant, are locked in a heated battle over his high school memorabilia. Momma Bryant it seems has already gathered items including Kobe’s high school jersey, trophies, championship ring and a slew of other items and is getting them ready to auction off.

Pamela has already received a lump sum of $450,000 in advance for the items, but Kobe is refusing to let the sale go through, telling the auction house that the items still belong to him.

Pamela is claiming Kobe in fact gave her the items and she will be using the money to buy her a house in Nevada. According to TMZ, Pamela is upset that Kobe has bought his wife Vanessa and her mother multiple homes, and wants a lavish home as well.

Kobe, is being reported to have offered to buy his parents a “nice house” in Vegas for significantly less than a million bucks, but they wanted something bigger and more extravagant and he drew a line in the sand and refused to up the ante.

On Saturday Kobe tweeted:

 “When u give Give GIVE and they take Take TAKE at wat point do u draw a line in the sand? #hurtbeyondmeasure #gavemenowarning #love?”

Hmmm … well we guess Kobe won’t be spending time with his momma on Mother’s Day!


Wait … Did Tank Just Admit To Performing Oral Sex On Men???



What in the world did he just say? That was the exact question fans asked after Tank made a comment during a show that sounded like: “I’ve been sucking d*ck and foreheads for for 40 years.”

Instantly, fans started to raise eyebrows because the remark, which came out of left field, sounded like the singer admitted to performing oral sex on men.

Tank does have history with the LGBTQIA community. Earlier this year, he perfumed at D.C. pride — a few years ago transgender model and Star actress Amiyah Scott, even once blasted the singer for allegedly sliding into her DMS. But also in 2014, the 41-year-old exposed a gay fan for sending him a photo of his gentials.

Meanwhile, HH has talked with Tank and his wife on several occasions and there’s no doubt this man loves the mother of his children. So naturally, we too drew the “what the hell” question.

The singer, however, exclusively clarified his comments to us and suggested, “Yall tried it! ‘suckin dents in foreheads’ has been used as a term for eating c**chie for”

He added on our social media page, “Stop it and just go get the album this Friday SAVAGE 9/29!”

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