Justin Bieber Put On Blasts At Kings Game

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The NHL is known for its hecklers, but did the announcers at the L.A. Kings game go too far by taking on Justin Bieber?

Wearing a black baseball cap and his signature shades, the Biebs sat just a few rows behind glass last night at Game 7 between the Kings and San Jose Sharks. His attendance went unnoticed … that is right up until the third period.

Obviously aware of the whole “Keyshawn Johnson Vs. Justin Bieber” ordeal that went down this past weekend in Calabasas, the announcer had a special message for Keyshawn during the live broadcast. “If you’re looking for Justin Bieber… well there he is!”

Bieber can’t seem to catch a break these days. Too bad Keyshawn didn’t follow through with the invite!

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