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Blac Chyna Got Bars? Twitter Reacts To Her New Song!



Blac Chyna is rapping and the world is listening! The stripper-turned-reality star (sound familiar?) has dropped her very first song, “Deserve”. The single features Yo Gotti and Jeremih and displays Chyna’s raps skills on a high impact beat.

However, not everyone is an instant fan. In fact, many folks think Blac should ditch the booth and stick to whatever she was doing before trying to venture into music. Stuntin’ for da ‘Gram? Finding rich baby daddies? Dating minors? Swinging strollers at Six Flags? Whatever makes her happy … that isn’t music.

Ok, so you’ve heard the song, and read the critiques. Now, what do you think? Is it a banger or a bad effort all around? Oh, and, by all accounts, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Apparently, Chy plans on dropping a full-length album. Plus, she been working with Mally Mall on the project which means it has the potential to be pretty official. You excited?

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1 Comment

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