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Tekashi69 Arrested For Choking 16-Year-Old Fan — But Was It Warranted?



Tekashi69 got clanked with the cuffs in New York City — but this time, he may be innocent.

It all started with this video of the controversial rapper tangled up with a 16-year-old fan while at a meet and greet at the Galleria Mall in Houston.

A warrant was issued for his arrest after the incident that occurred in January and when 6ix9ine landed at JFK Airport on Wednesday the police pounced.

But, the looks of the video may be deceiving. Apparently, Tekashi wasn’t choking a “fan”, he was reacting to a troll that heckled him in hopes of getting a reaction. the young teen allegedly yell provoking statements at the rapper such as “rapist”, “gay ice cream truck” and a “walking lolipop.” After several minutes of verbal abuse, 69 snapped and snatched up the little boy to make him stop.

6ix9ine’s team tells TMZ that they “were aware of the warrant, and intended to handle the matter soon.”
They also called the incident a misdemeanor case and said the arrest was unwarranted.

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