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Does This Video Prove Beyoncé Is Pregnant?!



The internet is buzzing with rumors that Queen Bey is pregnant — but does this video prove it?

Beyonce and her husband Jay Z are currently on the European leg of their “On The Run II” tour, which is supposed to be immediately followed by the North American leg. But if the tea is piping hot, and Yonce really is preggo, she may have to pull a 2017 Coachella and cancel!!

Here are a few reason why the BeyHive is concerned:

First, this video of Bey rubbing her belly…

Then, these photos. In each one she is conveniently hiding her stomach with a large hat.

Oh, she also uses this bag to hide the belly, too!

Right now, it’s all just rumor … but seeing how she and Jay are all lovey dove again, maybe there could be a little bun in the oven. Thoughts?

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