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Are Bill Cosby And Wife Camille Headed For Divorce?!



This may be a shocker to some … and to others, the writing had been on the wall for a while. Rumor has it, Camille Cosby is no longer standing by her man; she has moved out of the Philadelphia home she shared with husband, Bill Cosby.

In April, Bill spent almost two weeks on trial for sexual assault charges, but it wasn’t until the last day did his wife Camille show up to support. And while many thought that was a telltale sign of the impending demise of their marriage, when Mr. Cosby was convicted, Camille wrote a 3-page letter coming to his defense.

Now it seems that may have all been in an effort to save face because RadarOnline reports that Mrs. Cosby is done with her prison-bound partner. According to the gossip site“Camille Cosby, 74, has sequestered herself in the couple’s Massachusetts hideaway with their chef, multiple drivers, a house manager AND their three grown kids, who have not visited the 80-year-old monster in months.”

Apparently, Camille wants to leave the scandal behind her and doesn’t want it to affect her reputation. Now, this is where you have to question the source. Radar is known for posting stories from “sources” that aren’t always as accurate as they could be, so we’re going to take their “exclusive” with a grain of salt. Especially, since Camille issued her own statement backing her bae — if she didn’t want to ruin her reputation why would she do that?

We’ll keep an eye on the story and update you on any changes, but as of right now, Mrs. Cosby has not filed for divorce.

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