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“You Work For Me” : T.I. 911 Call Released!



The 911 call that led to T.I.’s arrest has been released by TMZ . The security guard who called the cops on the Atlanta Rapper said he felt threatened as Tip walked back to his guard shack.

If you listen closely, as the security guard describes the scene: “I’ve been threatened by a resident and he’s here now knocking on the door.” You can hear T.I. in the background telling him to step outside because he wanted the guard’s name.

Today T.I. explained to TMZ what led to his arrest, saying the guard was sleeping at his post when he tried to get in, and then the guard phoned his wife, Tiny, after she approved her man’s entrance, then allegedly cursed at her.

After confronting the guard about his behavior, T.I. was arrested for public intoxication, simple assault, and disorderly conduct. Take a listen to the 911 call and judge for yourself … was he acting a fool?

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