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‘Traffik’s’ Paula Patton Has No Problem Living Her Life In The Nude



Suspenseful, dangerous, emotional, with a sexy bow tied around it is exactly what Deon Taylor’s new thriller Traffik, delivers.

Although dealing with the heavy subject matter of sex trafficking, there is some comic relief and nudity all thanks to Paula Patton and the confidence she exudes in her birthday suit.

When asked about living life in the nude, Paula confirmed that her team always sees her naked. “Uncomfortably so,” she told HipHollywood exclusively. “Not cute nude. I’m comfortable, I like it.”

In the film, which brings to life the true story of sex trafficking in Northern California, Paula and her boyfriend, played by Omar Epps, expect to get away for a romantic weekend getaway, but unfortunately things take a drastic and unexpected turn.

Paula delivered a wildly gritty performance, which is something fans haven’t quite seen before. “Acting is a reflection of where you are and where you’ve been and then you become that character,” she told us. “Maybe that’s what you might be seeing.”

Every single day, women around the world are kidnapped and sold for money, something that director and Sacramento native, Deon Taylor, didn’t know hit so close to home. “I was blown away that Sacramento was one of the hubs, it just shook me to the core,” he said.

Traffik, also starring Roselyn Sanchez, is in theaters now.

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