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Kanye Isn’t Erratic, He’s Annoying…



We’re convinced. Kanye’s love of Trump isn’t genuine, it’s trolling.

Folks are still up in arms over the various tweets Mr. West has posted over the last couple of days endorsing Trump and donning MAGA gear. There is still a palpable fever pitch with a variety of think-pieces and diatribes on the downfall of Yeezy and his permanent residence in the sunken place. And through it all Kanye continues his purposefully offensive behavior simply because it makes y’all so mad. More so, it makes everyone pay attention. And why would he want attention? Album sales.

‘Ye has been holed up not only recording his solo and joint Kid Cudi albums, but he’s also producing Pusha T, Nas and Teyana Taylor’s new efforts … all set to drop in June. He even let TMZ come by the studio to hear some things he’s working on.

So, what better time to have all eyes on him than now? His tweets make top news, his pictures leave people audibly gasping and West sits and revels in it all because WE are talking (and thus promoting) him. This is exactly what he wanted and the only reason he came back to Twitter — just to push people’s buttons.

Whether his plan succeeds or fails remains to be seen. It was rumored that the rapper was losing Twitter followers by the millions, but, in fact, his numbers are actually holding steady. Not sure if that means his fans will then stay by his side and by his new music, but it does show that, although folks are mad, they’re staying tuned for the show.

Oh, and since ‘Ye loves everybody now, we’ll end by saying we love you, too.

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