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Oh Snap! Rickey Smiley Thinks Porsha Williams Is Wifey Material … Will It Come To Fruition?



Are RIckey Smiley and Porsha Williams on their way to Loversville? We’d say so.

During a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, the talkshow host opened up about he and Porsha’s seemingly flirty relationship that has been chronicled on television. “We have really good chemistry. We spent time together before,” he said. “She came to Birmingham for the weekend … we went out to the club … she stayed upstairs in the guest room.”

He continued, “I didn’t go upstairs; wanted to though.”

As for why the two don’t date, Rickey claims it’s because “you work together. You break up then there’s tension, we are on Dish Nation together.”

Smiley then admitted, “I think that she would make a great wife. What I see on The Real Housewives of Atlanta is not my experience with Porsha.” But wait, it gets better. When asked if Porsha was no longer with Dish would he ask her out on a date he responded: “Absolutely.”

Even ahead of the big interview, Williams took to Instagram to tell her fans to watch her “booskie” on WWHL.

In the past, Williams has also been very honest about her love for Smiley. “It’s just not good to mix pleasure with professional life,” she once told Andy Cohen. But she then said maybe they can make a pact: When she turns 40, he’s all hers.

HipHollywood even caught on to Rickey’s lust for his co-host back in 2016 when he talked to us about her booty. “Porsha is like a little sister. I had to get past looking at the badunkadunk … I had to block it out,” he said. He then joked, “I went to counseling for it.”

He continued, “She’s a lot of fun. She’s a very nice woman … Porsha did not buy her ass. Her ass is 100 % angus. Make no error about that one. She said poke it … stamp of approval.”

Smiley joked, “That one is homegrown. Cornbread, neckbones, black eyed peas … real Southern ass.”

Sound off: Should these two date?

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Thanks To Jay Z Fifth Harmony Star Normani Kordei Finally Gets Her Time To Shine



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