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Did Bow Wow Take Another L? What Rapper Is Saying About Allegedly Getting Sucker Punched



It’s been an eventful week for Bow Wow.

Just one day after releasing a new track, in which he addresses his past beef with Chris Brown, a video surfaced of the rapper getting punched in the face.

In the clip making its way around social media, you see the Atlanta native appearing to get punched by a rapper named Cheeks Bossman while backstage of a concert.

It’s hard to tell in the visual exactly how things unfolded, but you see a bunch of commotion, followed by a reaction — the video then cuts out.

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After the video went viral, Bow Wow took to social media to address the incident and what really went down. “REAL niggas dont condone nor accept sucka shit specially by sucka ass niggas clout chasing. We on this music. 5 month old edited ass vids. Stop it 5,” he tweeted.

The rapper also addressed the video via Instagram live. “We 100, we good. That’s light work … It didn’t go down like that and I put that on my daughter,” he said. “On everything I love it ain’t sly like that.”

He then explained that someone caught the moment in action and was tweeting live when it was all going down. “She can explain to you what she saw,” he said.

And although we have yet to see the tweets from the fan, another fan tweeted about the night. “I didn’t catch the whole fight because I was surrounded by ppl. But he f*cked buddy up with the chair cuz he was limping,” she wrote.

The Twitter user, who goes by the name MissBrownEyez_, has since deleted her series of tweets because she did not want to lose sleep over it. She did, however, conclude that “Don’t know how something that happened in November of last year has resurfaced.”

What’s interesting is right before the video cuts out, you hear someone yell, “What’s up with that Future shit?” Well, Future was rumored to be dating Bow’s daughter’s mother, Joie Chavisso maybe it had something to do with that.


Thanks To Jay Z Fifth Harmony Star Normani Kordei Finally Gets Her Time To Shine



First, let’s start with the sad news. Fifth Harmony has decided to spilt and go their separate ways. But, that means the good news is … MORE Normani Kordei, ayyyyeeee!

Fifth Harmony released a statement on Monday saying the girls, who were placed together in a group on the singing competition show X-Factor, were taking a hiatus to focus on solo endeavors.

We all know what that means…

Moving on — once word spread that the girls were focusing on their own personal projects Normani instantly became the number one trending topic, Twitter rejoiced and news broke that Jay Z’s ROC Nation would be behind her project. Thanks Hov!


Are you here for Normani’s solo mission or will you miss the group more?

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