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Iyanla Can’t Fix This: Why Brandi And Jason Maxiell May Need To Just Let It Go!



Iyanla Vanzant just asked Brandi Maxiell the question we all want to know, “Why do you want him?” — The “him” being her estranged husband, Jason Maxiell. He lies, he cheats, he apologizes, then he cheats again … girl, WHY?!

It wasn’t that long ago we were detailing Brandi’s livid IG posts exposing her husband for cheating once again (get you recap here) and now she’s turning to Iyanla to “Fix Her Life.” However, we think if it IS broke, don’t fix it … just throw the whole damn husband away.

Look, we don’t encourage divorce and we certainly don’t want to Brandi to end her marriage if she really believes it can be salvaged. But, Jason isn’t just a cheater, he’s a serial cheater with no remorse. His BBWLA wife battled cancer, bounced back and he STILL cheated … with several women. There’s something deeper at issue here, and unfortunately, Ms. Vanzant and her TV therapy may not be able to resolve it. Plus, just look at the trailer for this season of Iyanla: Fix My Life below — she’s got a lot on her plate and the Maxiell’s situation requires more individual attention…

You ready, @iyanlavanzant? #FixMyLife

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Iyanla will attempt to help Brandi, Jason and a slew of others when Fix My Life returns Saturday, March 3rd 9/8c on OWN.

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