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The Black Superhero Streak Continues Into 2018



2018 is shaping up to continue where 2017 left off … with some super dope Black superheroes!

Last year we celebrated Luke Cage and Misty Knight kicking a** on Netflix. Then came Riri Williams, the 15-year-old engineering student who stepped in to save the day when IronMan couldn’t perform his superhero duties.

And we can’t forget about ending the year with Cyborg in “Justice League.”

But this year will be all about “Black Panther” on the big screen and “Black Lightning” sparking up the small screen.

Chadwick Boseman will star as T’Challa in “Black Panther” set to hit theaters on February 16th. A new trailer of the highly anticipated film was released today highlighting the Warriors of Wakanda.

And “Black Lightning” is set to premiere, January 16th, on the CW. This superhero story centers around Jefferson Pierce played by Cress Williams. Pierce, aka Black Lightning, is a retired superhero with the ability to harness and control electricity who becomes a principal at a charter high school. He returns to fighting crime thanks to his daughter and the threat of a star student being recruited by a local gang.

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