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Rosario Dawson And Eric Andre Call It Quits



Rosario Dawson and Eric Andre are donezo.

The couple, who got a lot of heat after going public back in February, might be over, but the former lovebirds are on good terms. A source tells E! News, “They are still friends and wish each other the best. They did have some great times together over the year as a couple.”

You might remember, folks didn’t believe that the two were an item. Literally, people thought it was an odd match, rather a prank.

During an interview on the Late Show back in April, Dawnson explained that Eric had to blatantly throw their relationship in people’s faces for them to believe it. “He started posting more pictures of like our tongues touching and stuff, like personal pictures,” she said. “I was like, ‘you’re still a millennial man. You don’t post the tongue pictures!'”

Despite posting tongue photos, the pair’s romance was a far cry from fake. Over the summer, Dawson revealed that she dropped the L word following her emergency surgery a year ago.

“What a difference a year makes… This weekend marks a year that I had to get emergency surgery to stop internal bleeding from a ruptured cyst on my ovary,” she wrote. “It was the first time I told @ericfuckingandre that I loved him (and very much not the last). Thankful for his care and all of the doctors and nurses and staff at the Desert Regional Medical Center.”

She added, “I wish I had practiced more of what I learned from my near death experience last year but so much is conceptualized as you go back to work and routine. Life has a way of reminding you again and again and again, though, what, and who is important.”

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