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How Xscape’s Tamika Scott Is Handling Her Epic Onstage Blunder



Xscape’s Tamika Scott had a major onstage blunder over the weekend that instantly went viral. The good news is, the singer knows how to laugh at herself … so no harm there.

The singer and her three comrades were performing their hit “Hot Boy” at the Spectrum Center Saturday in Charlotte when the singer tumbled to the floor.

In the routine, dancers were supposed to rip off their individual jumpsuits, but Scott’s jumpsuit deemed a bit more harder to manager than the rest.

Tripping over the orange suit, Tamika went tumbling to the ground. In one clip, making it’s way around the web, you hear the audience come to a complete halt and collectively let out a loud “ooooh.”

In response to the clip, Tamika wrote on Twitter: “I can’t stop laughing at myself!!!”

Last week, HipHollywood exclusively reported that the ladies r&b group is now being managed by Tamar’s estranged husband, Vincent Hebert.

“We sat down with him, had some food and just talked, like how most business takes place, he just got our vision and he saw the potential in us,” Tamika told us.

“We love what he did with Tamar and Lady Gaga and we also knew he understood the business,” added Tiny. “We’re really excited.”

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Dwyane Wade On New Heartfelt Documentary: It’s A Story “I Never Got A Chance To Tell As A Kid”



It’s been an epic week for Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union.

It first started with one of the biggest trades of the year with Wade returning back to Miami to finish the rest of the season with the Heat. “I was happy,” Wade told us on Thursday night about the trade.

He added, “The journey of the NBA took me to Chicago, it took me to Cleveland, but it also brought me back to Miami; a place from a basketball sense birthed me.”

Days following the big NBA announcement, the lovebirds then celebrated the release of Dwyane’s documentary, Shot in the Dark, which the NBA champion produced alongside Chance the Rapper.

The film follows the Orr Academy High School basketball team on Chicago’s Westside. Throughout the documentary, cameras capture the journey of individual athletes trying to make it to the NBA despite growing up in the violent streets of Chicago.

During the screening, Wade also opened up to HipHollywood about why the project was near and dear to his heart. “It’s home,” the Chicago native said. “I jumped on board right away because it’s a story being told that I never got a chance to tell as a kid. To be able to shed some positive light on a tough, dark situation for us was big.”

Union added, “I’m so proud. Coming up on Hoop Dreams … It explores so many other topics that are critical to kids in Chicago.”

As for whether or not D-Wade picked up some advice from his TV star boo, not quite. When asked what tips Union gave Wade ahead of the project, the actress told us, “None. You have to learn. Humility and school of hard knocks. Things are not going to go your way and you have to learn through experience just like the rest of us.”

Check out the documentary on February 24 on Fox Sports.

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