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Yikes! 50 Cent Just Came For Wendy Williams … But Was It Warranted?



Y’all already know Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson goes hard! He just reiterated that point in a shade-filled social media post towards Wendy Williams.

It’s no secret that Fiddy and his 21-year-old son Marquise have a contentious relationship — one in which the rapper feels comfortable publicly denouncing. Recently, he even took a harsh jab at his oldest son over child support payments…or lack thereof.

However, for the first time, it seems as though Curtis tried to apologize (kind of). The “Power” executive producer took to Instagram and posted a pic of himself as a child with the caption, “Excuse me if I seem a little [insensitive] at times. I’m different. I came up a little harder than these guys. I make no excuses. I never met my father and my mother got killed when I was 8.”

Unfortunately, only a short time later he deleted this caption and swapped it out for something far less emotional leading many, including Wendy, to believe his pseudo-apology was insincere. The talk show host addressed the topic on “The Wendy Williams Show” and looked directly at the camera saying, “Get Yo Life”, to Mr. Jackson.

Let’s just say 50 responded as only 50 can…

Did he go too hard? Or should Wendy keep her mouth shut?

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