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NeNe Leakes Speaks Out After Being Dropped From Xscape Tour: “I Am So Ok”



NeNe Leakes broke her silence on Friday morning regarding her latest string of controversial incidents.

On Thursday, the reality star was dropped from the Xscape tour after making a repulsive rape joke to a heckling fan during her show in Oakland last week.

Although already apologizing for making the insensitive remark, being fired from the tour sparked a new set of emotions.

“A lot of people know me as NeNe who’s laughing and talking,” she said in an Instagram video. “A lot of people don’t know me as NeNe who, you know, would have a breakdown—a moment.”

She continued, “Trust and believe me guys, I’m so OK. I’m in a great place today. I can’t say that I’ve been in a great place these last few days, but I am so OK. I am so OK with everything.”

NeNe then explained in details her thought process before telling the heckler she hoped she get raped by an Uber driver on her way home. “I never imagined ever ever ever stepping on stage and somebody screaming out ‘Go kill yourself’ to me. It literally took me somewhere else. I have apologized. I have let it go.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star also shared this snapshot on Instagram with the caption: “What don’t break you, will make you stronger.”

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1 Comment

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