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Did Kim Kardashian Just Vow To Stop Taking Selfies?



Ummmmm … say what now?!

Over the past decade, Kim has been known for her selfies; whether it be a nude selfie or a car selfie. Either way, the reality star’s brand has basically been built around her social media presence taking photos of herself.

But in a strange turn of branding events, the soon to be mother of three has just admitted that selfies are so a “few years ago.”

In an upcoming teaser for this week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian asks her big sis: “Would you rather never be able to post a selfie or never be able to Snapchat again?”

Shockingly enough, Kimmy cakes chose Snapchat over her love for selfies. “I would rather never be able to post a selfie again. Take a selfie,” Kim says. “I kinda feel like selfies are kind of a few years ago.”

In the same clip, Kardashian claims she would rather go to a black tie event makeup free than under dressed. Very interesting!

If Kim were to completely give up selfies, would you rejoice or be heartbroken?

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