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Why Twitter Is Going In On The New iPhone X



On Tuesday morning, Apple announced the brand new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. But Twitter needs answers.

According to Apple, the phones will be similar to virtual reality and will include new gyroscopes and accelerometers to make objects on the phones look like reality.

Aside from the 8, the iPhone X will have the ability to create emojis that copy phone users’ facial expressions, the front and the back of the X will be glass and get this, the cameras and sensors can enable Face ID (for password). The water resistance device device will also include wireless charging.

We should probably also note that the X is worth a cool $999.

Sure the X is incredibly brilliant and is clearly the future of smartphones, but folks are dumbfounded by several things. First, Twitter users are wondering what happened to the iPhone 9 and 10. It literally hopped from 8 to X.

Others are poking fun at the mere fact if the glass on most phones shatter with a simple drop, will it be a double whammy with the new X? Not to mention, this face recognition ability is absurd?

Following the big announcement, social media exploded with reaction and of course, epic memes.

Sound off: Who plans on picking up the X?

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