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If you’ve ever watched one of Trump’s rallies, the black guy behind him wearing the “Blacks for Trump” t-shirt and blue contacts might of caught your attention.

The Washington Post did a story on the background of this colorful character, who goes by Michael Symonette, Maurice Woodside, Mikael Israel or “Michael the Black Guy”.

According to the Washington Post, this guy is a radical activist from Miami who once belonged to a black supremacist religious cult and runs several conspiracy theory websites with ridiculous claims, like the Cherokee Nation is the real KKK. He was also charged and then acquitted of murder in the 1990s.

So why would the White House place someone with such a checkered past directly behind the President of the United States? Add this to our long list of questions to the White House this year.

But social media curiosity shot through the roof with #whosmanisthis trending.

Smh 😭#blacksfortrump #whosmanisthis #whosemandisis #trumpfail

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Can someone come get their Uncle Tom? #deadass #facts #donaldtrump #phoenixrally

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According to several reports, Wright is expecting a little one with her new boo of less than a year. Supposedly, the mystery man is a sports agent and he, along with Toya’s friend and family, is thrilled about the new baby.

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