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Want To See Kylie’s Nipples? Well, Here Ya Go…



Showin’ off your a** cuz you thinkin’ it’s the trend…

Man, where is Lauryn Hill when you need her. Maybe Kylie Jenner hasn’t heard Hill’s “Doo Wop” (That Thing), or maybe she has and just doesn’t care. At any rate, the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner klan has decided that her sexy Snapchat pics aren’t enough. Channeling her inner-Kim K Superstar, the 20-year-old reality star has gone practically topless in her latest photoshoot.

Well, actually, she has on a top, it’s just completely sheer. Nipples galore … her increasing bust-size on full display. The racy pics are for V Magazine and are accompanied by an interview in which she talks about being a trendsetter and almost going insane. You can read it HERE and see the sheer snapshots below.

Beware, the pictures are NSFW.

V Magazine

V Magazine

V Magazine

V Magazine

Oh, and just for reference, enjoy!

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