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Trina aka The Baddest B*tch just released a single ahead of her new album, The One, and it’s just what fans have been waiting for.

The female emcee unleashed her new track titled, “Get Money,” and it’s nothing short of classic Trina. “I’m tryin’ not to trip,”she raps. “Can’t let that jealousy get the best of me, gotta keep my mind on the chip / Money on my mind / That gossip won’t get your stacks up, how you gon’ hustle blind?”

The track, which will be featured on the upcoming LP out September 8, is a mid-tempo sound with a sample of Roland’s “169 Aaaah!.”

The release of “Get Money” comes on the heels of the current social media feud between the Miami rapper, “My Neck, My Back’s,” Khia and female emcee Kim B Rocs Mics.

Earlier this week, Khia blasted Trina for denying she got paid for being a “ho.” Kim chimed in suggesting Trina isn’t real. In response, the Miami native suggested the haters “put some respect” on hr name and “if you’re gonna call me a b*tch, make sure you put baddest before it.”

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