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This is Kim K, spread eagle and giving you her best Lil’ Kim impersonation…

The September issue of the highly regarded CR Fashion Book features KKW’s “modern reinterpretation” of the Queen Bee attending the 1999 MET Gala. The photo, shot by Petra Collins and styled by Ronnie Hart, is one that is sure to cause quite a stir. So that begs the question, ‘Why, Kim, why?’

Do you enjoy being accused of cultural appropriation? Are you trying to add culture vulture to your resume? You had to know that trying to recreate Kim’s iconic pose and style would open the door to harsh criticism, right?

It’ll be interesting to see if she’ll feign ignorance or try to assert herself as Kim’s biggest fan. Either way, most folk will see straight thru the charade.

KK also channeled Pamela Anderson for the 1999-themed shoot.

IG: @ronnie_hart

So, yea, there’s that.


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