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The battle between Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s mother continues to rage on. Just days after Wiz’s mother, Katie “Peachie” Wimbush-Polk, filed a defamation lawsuit against Rose, the Slut Walk creator is lawyering up and seeking a restraining order.

According to sources, Rose believes Peachie is still angry that she is no longer with her son Wiz, and is out to get her. So much so, Rose even believes Peachie called Child Protective Services on her.

Apparently the visit from CPS prompted Rose to go into a profanity-laced rant to a third party about Wiz’s mother, calling her a negligent parent and accusing her of causing the death of Wiz’s sibling, Dorien.

Yikes! As you can imagine, Rose’s remarks of course got back to Peachie and now she is dragging her into court.

According to the Washington County Observer-Reporter, Peachie is gunning for more than $50,000, which includes court costs, interest, punitive and other damages.

The site reports:

[Amber Rose] Levonchuck, a resident of Tarzana, Calif., is alleged in the suit to have made a call June 19 to a phone linked to Wimbush-Polk’s account. The person who had the phone that day was a friend and former employee, Danesa Letic, who was in Louisiana, the suit claims.

Letic’s 5-year-old niece actually answered the call, and the suit alleges Levonchuck immediately “launched into a profane attack.” The niece gave the phone to her aunt, who eventually was able to identify herself. According to the suit, even after knowing she was speaking with a third party, the caller alleged Wimbush-Polk had allowed her own child, Dorien, to die and she was unfit to visit or care for Khalifa’s 4-year-old son, Sebastian.

Khalifa’s sibling, Dorien Thomaz, died Feb. 20, 2017, of complications from lymphoma.


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