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Tia Mowry is telling the haters to kiss her “ass.”

The actress took to Instagram this week to blast the critics accusing her of Photoshop. The mother of one shared a snapshot of her posing in a orange and blue bathing suit while in Hawaii when the Internet trolls came creeping out from behind their computers and cellular devices.

Photoshop? Not even close. “I love me! And that’s all that matters! Ps, this photo is NOT photoshopped one bit! Those that think so can kiss my ass,” she wrote.

Tia recently admitted to shedding quite a few pounds by way of dieting and cooking out of her cook book. The beauty posted a photo on the social media website last month of her in a pair of yoga pants, writing: “I’ve lost 20 pounds! Many asked how? Diet and cooking out of my cook book #wholenewyou.”

Looking good, girl.

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