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Sisqo’s Thong Song was at the top of the charts in 2000, and has become a pop culture reference for comedians and DJ’s alike.

And now Sisqo himself has partnered with Norwegian DJ trio JCY for an updated reboot that we never knew we needed.

The singer told Buzzfeed “I’ve been asked so many times over the years to make a new version of Thong Song and I have declined every time until I heard the new version that JCY did, I thought it was dope and figured maybe it was time to put some new rims on the Bugatti.”

At least he’s coming clean with the TRUTH! Who knows if this  new release with earn him some new rims, or even pay the insurance on his Bugatti, but the new video brings the same tropical hotness that the original video featured, sexy girls in thongs (of course).

Sisqo brings the platinum hair back, but missing from this new video are some of his signature moves due to an injury. He tells Buzzfeed “I’d just done a show on the complete opposite side of the country where I dislocated three ribs. The epitome of insult to injury was the couple of hours we had to learn brand new choreography for the video right before recording it where in most cases you get a week to learn a new routine. Even though I had to perform in the video injured, I think it turned out pretty good.”

No doubt Thong Song is as catchy as ever, so don’t blame yourself if you start bouncing along when you hear that beat. AND he did warn us that he was gonna sing it again… ‘Dumps like a truck, (truck, truck), thighs like what (what, what)…I think i’ll sing it again.”

Here’s the Original:

And the new version:

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