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In another “what the hell is wrong with ya’ll” story … Walmart is under fire for their wildly offensive description of one of their products.

The multinational retailing corporation is being blasted this morning after labeling the color of Jagazi Natural’s Stretchy Weaving Net Weaving Cap Wig Cap, “Ni**er-Brown.” The photo of the product shows the top of a mannequin head wearing a light brown colored cap.

It’s unclear how long the product has been available on the major chain’s website, but it’s completely out of stock.

Despite the cap clearly being a popular item for people around the world, folks on Twitter are up in arms about the color name. But the real question is: Who’s to blame? Walmart or Jagazi Naturals? Is this brazen racism? Or an oversight?

HipHollywood reached out to Walmart for comment, but so far no word back.

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Exclusive Details: Kevin Hart’s Mistress Montia Sabbag Speaks + How Long The Pair’s Relationship Lasted!



It was a media frenzy outside of the Bloom Firm offices on Wednesday morning all thanks to Kevin Hart’s mistress, Montia Sabbag, who decided to speak out about the latest extortion scandal.

An emotional Montia stood alongside famous lawyer, Lisa Bloom, to talk about the night she was caught on camera being intimate with the married comedian. “I was involved with Kevin a month ago,” she said during her opening statement.

The aspiring actress then went on to emphatically state that she is not the culprit behind the now viral video making it’s way around the web. “I’m not an extortionist,” she said.

The alleged victim also shut down media reports that she is an exotic dancer. “I am not a stripper,” Montia proclaimed. “I’m a recording artists and an actress and I have to broken any laws. I had nothing to do with these recordings.”

Sabbag concluded her on camera statement by apologizing for “any involvement I had in this.”

As for how the two met — HipHollywood got down to the burning question when we sat down one-on-one with Bloom. “They met on the way to Vegas,” she explained. “It was a brief relationship, it was only a few days. It happened spontaneously. She didn’t know she was going to be meeting him.”

As for what’s next, Bloom plans on going to law enforcement so that the case can be investigated thoroughly.

She also tells us their goal is not to get money from Kevin. “This is not about money. We are not suing Kevin Hart. We are to not making any claims against Kevin Hart … he’s not the bad guy here,” she said. “The bad guy here is the criminal who put a camera in that hotel room and secretly recorded intimate moments.”

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