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Laverne Cox has had one hell of a week educating the world on transgender people.

Just last week, the Orange is the New Black star spoke out following Donald Trump’s announcement to reinstate the ban on transgender people in the military. Now, the trans actress is breaking her silence on a dangerous comment made by comedian, Lil Duval.

During a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, the comedian gave his two cents on what he would do if he slept with a woman and later found out she was born a man. “This might sound messed up and I don’t care: she dying,” Duval said.

Host Charlamagne Tha God then chimed and suggested Duval can’t kill trans people. In response, the comedian said: “I didn’t say I was gonna kill transgenders. I said, if one did that to me, and they didn’t tell me, I’mma be so mad I’d probably kill them.”

Duval was then questioned about being politically incorrect and even then, he didn’t back down. “That’s the good thing I like about being me,” he said. “I can say what I want and do what I want and people understand where I’m coming from. They understand I’m not coming from a place of malice. They know I’m just speaking my mind.”

It was pretty obvious Duval didn’t understand the weight of his comment, so Cox took it upon herself to educate the world and the comedian of course, on why his joke was dangerous.

“Some folks think it’s ok to joke about wanting to kill us,” she tweeted. “We have free speech but that speech has consequences and trans folks are experiencing the negative consequences with our lives. It hurts my spirit cause this isn’t funny. Our lives matter. Trans murder isn’t a joke.”

Folks, meanwhile, are calling for Duval to apologize, but he is seemingly resistant.

Duval, however, is defending Charlamagne who is also being blasted for not doing more to correct the 40-year-old. During an appearance at Politicon on Sunday, Charlamagne was interrupted by two women protesting on behalf of the trans community. “We are to a joke,” the women could be heard yelling.

In response to the protest, Duval tweeted: “Leave ‪@cthagod out of this. Cuz I think he might be gay too. But he still my friend.”

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