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The internet is going crazy over a video that shows Rob Kardashian hitting a former girlfriend, and lots of folks claim that it is proof that the reality star is abusive. Pump your breaks.

By now, you’ve all witnessed the series of salacious Instagram posts and Twitter messages Rob delivered in an attempt to get revenge on his allegedly cheating ex, Blac Chyna. In response, Chyna accused her baby’s father of physically abusing her.

Now, video has resurfaced that may validate Chyna’s story and show a history of violence between Rob and his girlfriends.

During an old episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Rob can be seen on camera slapping his then girlfriend Adrienne Bailon.

Upon first view, it’s shocking and unbelievable that the youngest Kardashian displays such violence towards someone he loves. But what you don’t see is that this whole scenario was a prank. Just moments before, Bailon tells Kardashian, “slap me hard Rob I want it to be believable.”

While that incident may have just been a prank, what Chyna recounts sounds like the exact opposite. The former stripper has not pressed charges for that alleged domestic violence situation, but Rob could still face the music over porn revenge charges for posting nude photos of Chyna on Instagram.

Do you think Rob should face jail time for posting Blac’s nude or is this whole situation being blown out of proportion?

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