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We’ve all been victims of the Kardashian PR machine before, so here’s a public service announcement that may help save you some time. We’re breaking down why we think Rob’s viral rant and the shenanigans that have followed are all part of Kris Jenner’s master plan.

Rob is relevant again.

The Kardashians will do anything to remain relevant, and a stripper will always play along! Rob’s viral rant in general was so good, we couldn’t look away. Rob’s never been this interesting before, now he’s got 7.6 million followers on Twitter. Just a minute ago, he was selling socks, looking for his next check; now he’s flossing on IG, telling the world he spent over a million dollars on Chyna in just two months for her body reconstruction and jewelry. Who’s really financing Chyna?

Black Chyna “liked” the nude pictures of her Rob posted.

This was a sneaky move that I bet the family, or at least Rob and Chyna, thought would fly under the radar. But by “liking” the posts, Chyna may have given Rob an out, that prevents the D.A. from taking legal action using California’s revenge porn law. Basically, he exposed her ass and she covered his.

 Kardashians + Paparazzi = Gold

So Chyna was snapped in a car kissing another man, which, of course, just inflames the situation. But how do you think those pictures came to be? It’s a known Kardashian/Jenner practice to notify the paps so that they can get photos of the Internet’s Royal Family. This is what they do: They create publicity and they are damn good at it. The Kardashians need the paps like we need oxygen. It’s the lifeline to their entire existence, it’s what propels their fame. In their universe, almost everything that happens, happens so it can be documented by a camera. So what is Blac Chyna doing? She is just simply following the family playbook. If Chyna really wanted to have a secret rendezvous, she wouldn’t have done it in front of the cams. This was a plan and simply a photo op. To underscore Chyna’s need for publicity, Attorney Lisa Bloom, and daughter of Gloria Allred (one of Hollywood’s most televised Civil Rights attorneys) has announced that she will be representing Blac. It’s well known that both Allred and Bloom love a good front page story.

TMZ is in bed with the Kardashians.

Teamwork makes the dream work and these two have been working together forever. Need to get some pub for one of the family members, need to spin a story, then just pick up the phone and holla at your friends over at TMZ. They just “reported” that Rob has completely cut off Chyna financially, is no longer paying for her Tarzana home, and that Chyna has returned the two cars he has purchased for her. How do you think they got such specific details? Yes, they were called with the information. It’s been going on forever. Don’t believe me? Ask Lamar Odom.

All of Rob’s family has remained weirdly silent.

We’re supposed to believe that the most dramatic family on television has nothing to say about all of this drama? Enough said.

Kris Jenner is the modern day PT Barnum.

Love her or hate her, Kris Jenner is a PR genius. A modern day P.T. Barnum. Who is PT Barnum? He was the mastermind behind Barnum and Bailey Circus. Known for celebrating and promoting the biggest hoaxes back in the 1800s, Barnum was the greatest hype man in the history of hype-men … well, until Kris Jenner. Jenner has, with amazing efficiency, turned each of her children into their own, money printing side-show act, and here’s the thing: We show up with the popcorn, EVERY TIME!

It’s VERY possible that Rob, Chyna and the Kardashian clan are prepping for a new show, which really means they are gearing up for a big payday. Nobody knows how create drama for the sake of a payday better. And considering that Chyna just hired a lawyer/TV personality who loves attention and cameras more than anybody in the free world, this entire scenario feels very, very familiar.

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