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Listen up! If you are not a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, more specifically, not a LeBron James fan, then Steve Harvey will mock your livelihood, encourage you to drink poison and laugh at your pain. Then he will claim it’s all just a joke…

Essentially, that’s what happened to a Flint, MI, resident who called into Harvey’s radio show. Dee told Harvey he didn’t believe Bron Bron deserved a championship ring. Steve took offense to this and began to hit the man with some cheap shots. “You from Flint? That’s why y’all ain’t even got clean water. When the last time you touched water and it didn’t have lead in it?”, the Family Feud frontman responded. “Enjoy your nice brown glass of water.” Take a listen below.

Of course, Harvey faced immediate backlash on social media.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping for an apology from Harvey, don’t hold your breath. The Think Like A Man… author is doubling down on his “joke”:

“This morning callers and I were cracking jokes about the Cleveland Cavaliers loss to the Golden State Warriors. I’m a huge Cavs fan.

The caller and I were talking trash about our teams and cities. ‘SIMPLY TRASH TALKING ABOUT SPORTS’.

I made a joke directed at him, as he is from Flint, a city for which I have great affection and respect.

So much so that I devoted a full hour on my daytime talk show to raising awareness for the Flint water crisis.

I also pressed then candidate, Hilary Clinton, to offer solutions to what I called one of the great catastrophes of modern times.

The and the caller laughed as my joke was taken in the context it was offered.

Any attempts to craft this into anything more serves no one.” -Steve Harvey

Aren’t jokes supposed to be funny?


Hold Up! Christina Aguilera Swung On Pink In A Club



Pink and Christina Aguilera have made amends since their beefing years ago. But fans are now learning their early career drama almost turned physical.

During Pink’s recent appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, she admitted that during the height of their feud, Christina tried to hit her. “She swung on me,” she said during a round of Please the 5th. “Hilarious. I was like what’s happening right now.”

As for what initially sparked the feud, Pink suggested, “We were super young and super new at the whole thing. She’s an alpha, I’m an alpha.”

But years after despising each other, the pair made up while on NBC’s The Voice. “She’s so talented, she’s a really sweet person. We made up on The Voice. I hadn’t seen her in years and years an years. We became moms, we grew up, we hugged it out.”

Christina has not responded to Pink’s recent confession, but we sure hope she does.

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