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Kendall and Kylie Jenner have done it again … appropriating our culture and embarrassing themselves. But, this time they’ve gone even further, disrespecting rap legends, and in turn, getting themselves in some hot water.

K & K have been hocking clothing for quite some time now, but their latest “creation” has some folks heated, and rightly so. The mother of the late rap legend Biggie Smalls has just called out the young entrepreneurs for stealing her son’s likeness and plastering their faces over it. Disgraceful!

And apparently they didn’t stop at Biggie. They also gave Tupac the same treatment, selling both for $125 a pop.

Voletta blast the girls calling their actions, “disrespectful , disgusting, and exploitation at its worst!!!” but no word on if she is taking legal actions. The Jenner sister, however, have cleared the merchandise from the site, although we don’t know if they took it down or it just sold out.

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Reality Show Curse Strikes Again? Lyrica Anderson & A1 May Be Searching For A Storyline, Not A Separation



Here we go again. Another reality TV couple bites the dust … or gets hella dramatic on social media in order to secure a new storyline. You decide!

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star Lyrica Anderson had everyone talking when she took to Snapchat to post this little message.

The singer/songwriter outed her husband A1 Bentley as a cheater and vowed that she was #single … all on Snapchat. We’re calling BS, and here’s why — Princess Love. This whole “my man is cheating so I’m outing him on social media” must be in the Love & Hip Hop playbook. Ray J’s wife pulled the same stunt just a few weeks ago and we all know how that ended … with them back together. Honestly, this happens every season, and every season we fall for it. Well, no more.

Lyrica, we know you just put out new music and you want everyone to hear it, but this ain’t the way, sis. And A1, nice try with the whole, “I’m going to delete all her pics on IG” move, but we’ve been here, done that. We not falling for these antics anymore so it would be really dope if y’all would stop playing games and just be a happy married couple. Save the forced drama for Joseline Hernandez.

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