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The Golden State Warriors did it — pulling out a championship performance, defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in a 4-1 series. This was especially emotional for Kevin Durant, who purposely made the move to the Warriors this season in an effort to grab his first ring. Congrats to the whole team — but you know who really won? Kevin Durant’s mama, Wanda!

You may remember years ago when Durant cried on the national stage after receiving the 2014 NBA MVP award and told the crowd that his mom was “the real MVP.” It was a meme. It was everything. Fast-forward to Monday night’s 129-120 victory over the Cavs, where Kev earned the Finals MVP Award, and once again Wanda was there. “You did it,” she said to her son while affectionately grabbing his chin. “Look at me! You did it. I love you, son.” It was raw. It was emotional. It was the epitome of what Wanda and Kevin’s mother son relationship is … simply beautiful.

So, congrats to Kevin, Stephen Curry and the entire Warriors team. But more so, congrats to Wanda, for you, ma’am, are the real MVP.

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