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TV Special ‘Bill Cosby: An American Scandal’ Examines His Rise And Fall In Hollywood



Investigation Discovery will premiere the TV special Bill Cosby: An American Scandal on June 5th, detailing the accused actor’s rise to fame and his downfall amid sexual assault accusations from over 50 women.

The documentary includes interviews with one of his many accusers, including Shawn Brown, as well as biographer Ronald L. Smith and attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing 33 of his accusers.

The infamous accusations, including drugging his victims before sexually molesting them, have upset fans and Cosby alike. He maintains his innocence and claims that all the women are lying.

Dave Chapelle recently included the scandal in his Netflix special, talking about how the allegations have upset him and shattered the image of his childhood hero.

The Investigation Discovery special is just one of many that have aired since the scandal came to light.

Cosby, 79, goes to trial on June 5th, the same day the ID special airs. The jury will be voting on three charges of aggravated indecent assault of Andrea Constant, according to court documents. Constant is one of the few women who are able to take Cosby to court because the statute of limitations has expired for many other alleged victims.

Bill Cosby: An American Scandal premieres Monday, June 5th, at 9 p.m. ET.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. CarverGreen

    May 31, 2017 at 4:15 PM

    I don’t know that Cosby is a rapist, you don’t know that Cosby is a rapist, and neither do trashmongers like Investigation Discovery or HipHollywood know that Cosby is a rapist. The public doesn’t even know why Cosby’s in the courtroom, except that a media campaign put him there. When asked why he made the decision to go forward with a trial with zero legal basis for doing so, the judge said, “I don’t have to give my reasons.” No media comment on that.

    The first “I have a story ONLY” accuser who pushes the message, “DON’T LET YOURSELF WIND UP IN MY SHOES” will have my respect. But Cosby’s accusers care nothing about Sexual Assault Prevention, nor does the media that supports them, and nor does the fame-mad attorney whose headline-grabbing demand that Cosby put up $100,000,000 for his “victims” played no part (we’re to believe) in prompting the slew of stories that followed, without a single instance of fact-checking. We’re to believe that Cosby had more power than Dracula over not only his “victims”, but over literally everyone in his midst, for over four decades. That’s entertainment, for some people. But your kids are getting sexually assaulted, and not grasping the Vital Importance of Using the Tools at Their Disposal to Obtain Justice (Police Reports, Rape Kits – subjects brushed under the carpet where Cosby’s concerned, because they work against every accuser) only because you love your daily dirt, and the media will stoop to any level to please you.

    (Not even looking at replies. Thanks for reading my post.)

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