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The Internet Spontaneously Reacts To Shaquille O’Neal’s Horrid Feet



Shaquille O’Neal thought it was a wise idea to show the world his feet and instantly, the planet spontaneously combusted with disgust.

During the TNT Celtics versus Cavs halftime show, O’Neal whipped out his feet to prove that he’s been a hardworking man. And we can’t deny, the feet look like they’ve been through several lifetimes.

What is most disturbing about Shaq’s gross feet is the big toe completely curves in, which, according to reports, isn’t uncommon for basketball players. Shaq played 18 seasons in the NBA, so we guess it was only a matter of time before the athlete’s hoof reached the point of no return.

The reaction on social media was simply hysterical; in fact, most people literally thought the image floating around the Web was a joke.

“He has way too much money for them feet to look like that,” someone commented. Another Instagram user wrote, “NOO WAYYYY THIS SHIT IS REAL.”

And when asked if this would be a deal breaker for most women, the comments were split. “Hell yes if was to see them those are some weird as feet,” someone wrote. “Hell no….you can ALWAYS hide them dogs….if I like you…..I LIKE YOU,” another woman commented.

And of course, the memes and GIF’s were out of control.

Meanwhile, even Shaq’s son couldn’t help but apologize to viewers forced to see his dad’s mangled metatarsals. “Whoever saw my dads toes on TV, I’m sorry,” he wrote.

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