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And you thought American politics were dirty. A 35-year-old Rwandese woman just had her presidential bid knocked off the rails after someone leaked nude flicks of her. Diane Shima Rwigara has at least two photographs floating around the Internet this morning, showing her in various poses inside a home.

The pics were leaked only two days after she announced her plans to run against current Rwanda President, Paul Kagame. Some are pointing the finger at Kagame’s camp, saying the leak was done to discredit her movement. And while we can’t show the pictures on our family friendly website, a quick search on Twitter should lead you to results.

The leaks have been met with backlash from some in the country who see the politics behind it.

Diane’s father was a wealthy businessman who she claims was assassinated in 2015. During a recent speech, she talked about his death while stopping short of attributing it to her now political opponent. “Everybody who is Rwandese knows people who have disappeared or who have been killed and the perpetrators of those crimes have never been taken to justice,” she said during the announcement of her campaign. “I know how it feels to be a victim so that will help me not victimize others.”

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Is Kim Zolciak Biermann Is Pregnant With Baby No. 7???



Is Kim Zolciak Biermann pregnant AGAIN? Well according to one very, very credibly source, the Don’t Be Tardy star is expecting her seventh child.

That credible source, we speak of, is none other that Kim’s 20-year-old daughter, Brielle Biermann, who took social media to announce that her mother is preggers.

“OMG@@@ i’m so excited my mom is PREGNANT with baby number 7!!!!” she tweeted early Wednesday morning. The post, however, has since been deleted.

Kim has yet to publicly shut down Brielle’s latest revelation, but according to sources, the chatter is totally bogus.

An insider tells TMZ that Brielle posted the fake news to get back at her mother, who accidentally Snapped a video of Brielle flashing her boob earlier in the week.

As for why she snapped Brielle’s boob, Kim explained while responding to a disgusted fan that “IT WAS A PRIVATE SNAP TO MY GIRLFRIEND CHLOE (who fits Brielle and I for swimsuits and Bras) NOT THAT I ACCIDENTALLY POSTED! So before you assume please check the facts!!!”

Kim has two older children from previous relationships, Brielle and Arianna, and four young kids with husband, Kroy Biermann.

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