Rosario Dawson Shares Nude Video For All To See

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First things first: No, you will not see the video here. However, for those of you who are freaks curious, there are a few screenshots below.

Now, here’s what happened. Rosario Dawson shot some video of herself while in the tub. She was completely nude (which is what usually happens when you take a bath). In the video, she pans the camera from her face, to her breasts, down her torso and further down her legs. Take our word for it … she’s letting it all hang out.

Somehow, the video ended up on the internet for all to see. It’s not clear if Dawson purposefully shared the steamy vid — it is her 38th birthday, after all — or maybe she meant to share it with just her boyfriend, comedian Eric Andre, and it went wide.

Needless to say, the visual went viral. See why below…


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