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Another Baby On The Way For Antonio Cromartie AFTER Having A Vasectomy



There’s no way this dude really got a vasectomy; we’re just not buying it.

NFL free agent Antonio Cromartie and his wife Terricka are expecting another baby this year. That will make six for the couple and a total of 14 for Antonio (who has 8 kids by 7 different mothers).

You may recall that the couple was in the news last year because Terricka became pregnant with twins after Antonio had a vasectomy. Real talk, who was his doctor? He may have a lawsuit on his hands.

Regardless, the couple seems to be happy about their upcoming bundle of joy, as Mrs. Cromartie posted this on her Instagram page.

After giving birth to Jynx and J’adore in May of 2016, the couple was in talks to do a reality show on their ever-expanding family. We wonder if that’s still in the works.

Congrats to the Cromarties!

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