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Laura Govan Goes Full TMI Discussing Her Smelly Yeast Infections



TMI. Those are the first three letters that come to mind after watching Basketball Wives star Laura Govan reveal a personal medical issue with the world. According to Govan, she suffers from chronic yeast infections that she says causes her nether regions to funk up a room like “cardboard.”

“I don’t go around smelling like salmon croquette!” she joked while doing a segment on the CBS daytime talk show, The Doctors. “Like, I’m not … you know, I’m fresh, I would say. It’s like anything – if you start rubbing cottage cheese after a while it’s like, it smells like a little cardboard with a little hint of, you know, something.”

Lawd, help us. Towards the end of the segment above, Govan recounts discovering a “village” of cottage cheese being discharged from her vagina. The mother of four attributes her chronic yeast infections to her inability to break down sugar.

What do you all think, though? Did she perhaps overshare or do you think she’s brave for the tale of her funkdafied vag?

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