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Isaiah Thomas Fined An Absurd Amount Of Money For Telling Fan “I Will F*ck You Up”



Isaiah Thomas just got fined an absurd amount of money for telling a fan, “I will f*ck you up.” Honestly, we can’t help but actually laugh out loud at this.

It was just announced that the Boston Celtics player was fined $25k for “directing inappropriate language” towards a Washington Wizards fan during last Thursday’s playoff game.

In a clip making its rounds on social media, the angry athlete can be seen eyeballing the heckling fan before shouting the obscene remark. “I will f*ck you up, and you know that,” he said.

We all know tensions run high on the court, but according to coach Brad Stevens, “Obviously there’s a line that you can’t cross and, ultimately, get fined for.” Stevens told reporters, “I think that if he could take it back he would.”

Thomas hasn’t responded to the fine, but we are pretty sure the 28-year-old’s domination over the Wizards during Wednesday night’s game might have something to do with it. Isaiah and company beat the Wizards 123-101 in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Both teams will compete again on Friday night at 5 p.m. for a fiery Game 6.

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