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Is Kylie Jenner’s New Boyfriend Just As Broke As Her Last One?



At first, it seemed as though Kylie Jenner made an upgrade when she left Tyga to get with Travis Scott. But now, it seems that it may have been more of a lateral move, seeing how the two rappers have a lot in common … namely, money issues.

By now, we all know about Tyga’s misfortunes. It seems like every week he owes someone new or has gotten another car repo’d. But KJ’s new boo seems to be having some monetary issues as well. Apparently he owes millions to his former management team. Yes, that’s millions with an “M”! And now they’re suing.

TMZ reports that Scott needs to cut a pretty hefty check to LCAR Management:

Travis’ old pals at LCAR Management say the rapper signed a 3-year contract in Oct. 2014 which guarantees them 15% of everything he makes in entertainment. In docs, obtained by TMZ, they say that should’ve earned them at least $2 million by now.

Their problem … Travis has only paid about $37k, according to the suit. LCAR says it’s made repeated efforts to get the dough since 2015, but all they got was a letter from Scott’s attorneys saying their services were no longer needed.

Of course, Travis is saying he doesn’t owe this ish because they never held up their end of the bargain as a management team.

Girl, Kylie. Get out now.

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