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Is Chance The Rapper A Fat Shamer? Why The Internet Thinks So!



Chance the Rapper was deemed a fat shamer over the weekend after accidentally liking an incredibly offensive IG post.

The rapper was apparently scrolling through Instagram when he came across a photo of three women posing with their tops off. “Chance said get your fat asses in the gym Queens,” the caption read.

Unfortunately, the rapper double tapped without realizing it and boom … controversy ensued.

After being blasted on social media for fat shaming, the Chicago rapper apologized for unintentionally offending his fans. “This isn’t fake, I accidentally liked an offensive comment on IG. I apologize to anybody hurt by it and it doesn’t reflect my character,” he tweeted.

Many fans called BS on Chance’s ability to “accidentally” like such an offensive post, but many others praised the rapper for owning up to it. One fan wrote, “How is clarifying what happened making up an excuse? Its not very hard to accidentally like a comment on IG. He apologized.”

Someone else tweeted, “In this case the excuse is legit and actually excuses him; accidents like that totally happen.”

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