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Everyone Is Mad At Kathy Griffin For Posting A Fake Decapitated Trump Head



Comedian Kathy Griffin is known for crossing the line, but this time everyone seems to agree that she went too far.

After posing with a lookalike Trump head, severed and covered in blood, the interwebs exploded in rage.

Even actor Don Cheadle, who has spoken out against the Trump administration, was shocked.


Actor Jeffery Wright of HBO’s Westworld also tweeted in disgust, but pointed out the fact that President Obama was subjected to similar calls for assassination.

The Secret Service also tweeted, reminding Griffin and everyone else that threats such as these are not taken lightly.


Even after a apology video, CNN has cut ties with the red head who has shared the stage with Anderson Cooper for the network on New Year’s Eve.

Griffin isn’t the first celebrity to catch flack for a questionable anti-Trump piece of “art.” We reported on how upset The Donald was earlier this year when Snoop released a controversial music video where a Trump impersonator is shot.

Looks like a case of bad decision making with some real consequences.

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