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Kim Kardashian’s Security Team Is The Worst!



Since her Parisian robbery, Kim Kardashian has been on high alert and it seems she still may have a reason to be. For whatever reason, her security team is slackin’!

KK step out in New York for the NBC Upfronts at Radio City Music Hall on Monday, but while on the red carpet, witnesses tell PageSix the brunette beauty had a “security scare.” Apparently, the reality superstar “was approached by a ‘sketchy guy’ for a selfie and that security didn’t stop the zealous fan from approaching.”

“He just breezed past the guard and got in Kim’s face,” said a source. “Kim was startled and tried to walk away but got stuck, so [she] hesitantly took a picture.”

Luckily, Kimmie seems to be OK and no one was hurt by the selfie seeker. Another source added that the guy may have been overzealous, but definitely not a threat.

Kim, girl, get your team together ASAP!

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