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Cheetah Girls Secrets: Group Member’s Mama Blasts Adrienne Bailon For Nudes & Relations With Married Man



Adrienne Bailon just can’t catch a break.  Earlier this week, comedian Mo’Nique blasted The Real co-host for suggesting she’s too loud. Now, someone else’s mama is calling the newlywed out.

In a series of shocking tweets, the mother of former 3LW member Kiely Williams unveiled what really went down with the group that lasted from 1999–2008.

Williams’ Twitter tirade came after former 3LW group member Naturi Naughton sat down with Bailon on The Real to squash old beef. “So let me get this str8t, cont’d to be managed by me for 4 yrs after left 3LW becuz she was afraid? Please,” Tse tweeted.

Williams first called out Naughton for her complex about being the dark-skinned singer of the hit girls group. “And yes, after 13 yrs of listening to tall tales, especially I’m pissed off. You had a problem with skin color, not us,” she wrote.

Tse then started spilling some serious tea about Bailon.

The former manager suggested via Twitter that it was Adrienne’s alleged nudes and relationship with a married man that led to Disney pulling the plug on the teen trio. “You know why Cheetah Girls ended? NAKED PICTURES of and Disney wasn’t having any of that,” she wrote.  The Twitter tirade continued, “Should we start talking about sleeping with a married man, for YEARS behind everyone’s back.”

She added, “And poor never saw it coming. She schemed on him then chewed him up and spit him out and I’m not talking about Blac Chyna.”

Williams then posted a seemingly cryptic message which appeared to have drawn reference to Bailon’s new husband, gospel singer Israel Houghton, whom she wed last year. “Religion bails folks out of anything. So convenient,” Williams tweeted.

Williams then appeared to have thrown some shade at Naughton, who is currently pregnant. “I’m really sick and tired of seeing people’s baby bumps. Enough already,” Williams tweeted.


Bailon has yet to comment, but our guess is that we can stop holding out breath on that 3LW reunion.

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