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When High Fives Go Wrong: NBC Reporter Slaps Nicole Richie



This just may have been the worst high five EVERRRR! During an interview on NBC’s Talk Stoop, host Cat Greenleaf accidentally slapped Nicole Richie in the face.

We’re not kidding.

Greenleaf was attempting to give Richie a high five, when Ritchie said the best news she heard recently was a rainy weather forecast in drought-stricken Los Angeles.

Then came the swing, the miss, and the slap, which landed so hard it sent Richie’s sunglasses flying off her face and across the stoop.

Apparently Greenleaf also hit Richie in the face in the process too. But, thankfully, the former reality star didn’t slap back. She did take a couple jabs at Greenleaf as she tried to put the interview back on track.

“What’s a little fun notorious fact about you?” Greenleaf asked. “I was just abused, like two seconds ago,” Richie replied.

Richie also joked that she could only see out of her left eye before talking about her new NBC show, Good News.

HEEEELarious. Take a look. The slap goes down right around the :20 second mark.

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