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Delta is now the latest airline to come under fire for their treatment of paying customers. The company is making headlines after kicking off a passenger for using the bathroom while waiting to take off. Literally.

Kima Hamilton was set to take a flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee on April 18 when the flight was delayed for nearly two hours. According to Hamilton, while the plane sat on the tarmac, he had an urge to use the restroom.

Initially, when he got up to use the restroom, a flight attendant said the plane would lose its place in the take-off lineup if he got out of his seat. So he agreed to hold it. But 30 minutes later, the plane was still taxiing, so Hamilton quickly got up. Then … things took a turn for the worse.

“The pilot came on and said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry for the inconvenience but we have to return to the gate and remove a passenger,’” Hamilton told the Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel. “It escalated to that point that fast.”

When he came back from the lavatory, he was told to get off the plane.

“I’m not really clear on why I’m being asked to leave this plane. I purchased this ticket, I had an emergency. I had to pee,” Hamilton can be heard saying in cell phone footage recorded by passenger Krista Rosolino. “I tried to hold it the first time and you said I absolutely couldn’t and I’m being kicked off the plane?” he added, before the crew member responded, “I need to talk to you outside.”

According to Hamilton, another Delta employee approached him and insisted he leave. When the 39-year-old Milwaukee-bound passenger finally agreed to get off the flight, the FBI greeted him at the gate.

Kima was then forced to purchase a Southwest flight to get home.

The story is making headlines this week following a whirlwind of controversial stories with airlines.

Earlier this month, United Airlines was blasted for aggressively pulling Dr. David Dao from his flight. And just several days ago,  Simon, a 3-foot-long, 10-month-old Continental Giant rabbit on track to become the largest bunny ever, mysteriously died while on board a United flight from London to Chicago.

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Tiffany Haddish’s Hilarious Speech At Model Chanel Iman’s Wedding



Tiffany Haddish is one helluva lively and colorful human; so it’s not exactly shocking that she turned what would be considered a traditional wedding speech into a whelp … Haddish speech.

Just one night before hilariously taking the stage at the Oscars alongside Maya Rudolph, the Girls Trip star delivered an epic speech at the wedding of model, Chanel Iman, and New York Giant star, Sterling Shepard.

Although giving a seemingly witty speech, she also made an appoint to talk about how special her relationship was with Chanel, whom she met on the set of Mad Families. “I knew you could take care of any man you decided to take care of and I’m glad you decided to take care of that one cause I can see his soul,” Tiffany said, according to

The actress continued, “I looked into his eyeballs when you brought him to the comedy club. That’s a good man….[To Sterling] You better worship the ground she walk on cause she’s got a gangster ass bitch that got her back. Sorry, pastor!”

Haddish then went on to give some important advice. “Make sure y’all have fun together,” she said. “I ain’t that old, but I’m old, but I ain’t that old. But I’ve seen things. From my observation, the relationships that last the longest are the relationships where you have fun. You are going to have your ups and your downs, but find time to have fun.”

According to Chanel, the two grew close on set, mainly because they wound up sharing a trailer together. “During filming, I didn’t have a trailer so she was kind enough to share hers with me,” Chanel told “So for a month, we were sharing a trailer and going over lines together. We laughed, we cried, we bonded. She’s like a big sister to me.”

Chanel and Sterling exchanged vows in front of their close family and friends on March 3 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Check out the video below for behind the scenes of the main event. (Courtesy:

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