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Theatrical, Dramatic and … Shady. As. Hell! That’s the only way to describe Nicki Minaj’s video for her single “No Frauds.”

Now, we already know the song was her “response” to Remy Ma’s diss track #shETHER, but the video takes that response to another level with the addition of Remy’s former best friend and Love & Hip Hop cast mate, Rah Ali. You remember the line, “Rah took you to her doc / but you don’t look like Rah / Left the operating table / still look like “nah”? Well yea, Rah makes an appearance for that moment. She doesn’t speak but her silence speaks volumes … she’s firmly planted on #TeamNickiMinaj. Plus she hopped on Instagram to further solidify their friendship and defended her switching sides by saying she and Remy haven’t been friends in quite some time.

Back to “No Frauds”… The song’s featured artists, Lil Wayne and Drake, also make appearances in the video for their verses. But, in addition to the cameos, director Benny Boom makes sure the theatrics are amplified to a 10 with eerie lighting, dramatic pauses and special effects. Just take a look below.


Exclusive: Here’s The Secret To Remy Ma’s Snatched Body



Remy ma’s mission is clear … drop new music and look good while doing it!

HH caught up with Rem at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors event on Sunday where she gave us an update on her upcoming music. However, while the raptress revealed that she not just releasing one single, but will drop TWO very soon, she also gave us the deets on how she keeps that body right and tight. Let’s just say, it took a great deal of effort.

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